Attention: Women Over 35 who want a Slimmer and Tighter Tummy without suffering through hours of boring workouts...

"Discover How Women Are Melting Ugly Belly Cellulite And Lower Stomach Pooch While Sculpting A Tight Firm Tummy with Short Burst Movements In Only 21 Days With ZERO Equipment"

Imagine How It Will Feel To NEVER Again Do Boring Crunches And Useless
Sit-Ups or Waste Countless Hours Doing Cardio Ever Again!

September 29, 2023

Dear Friend,

I'd take it since you've landed on this page you're at your wits end, with starring down at a jiggly out of shape belly. Hoping you can stay consistent with a lifestyle that you truly desire.

And…it's a challenge to stay on track when you're pulled in a million different directions.

Then you find yourself injured or out of time to get in the best shape of your life.

You start off with the best intentions and then something happens. LIFE! You decide now is the time to really do something about your flabby tummy and reach your fitness goals but you're blindsided by life and fall off track.

You turn to the information overload of so-called "fit-pros" who are everywhere on social media like Instagram only to find out the ab workouts they recommend are not designed to give you long-term results. I'm sorry to break it to you, but they don't.

Yet, what if I said hitting plateaus are very common. In your twenties our metabolism was in crazy overdrive and you can pretty much eat and do what you wanted without worrying about the extra inches hanging around your midsection.

Then right around your thirties it starts getting a little tricky and you find yourself struggling a bit more with maintaining a flat tummy.

And as you start to get closer to 40... well, your body tends to quickly store fat around your tummy with the nagging muffin top hanging over your pants...

It's a frustrating battle with your metabolism. Plus, your body and more importantly your abs don't respond to traditional workouts as it once did. How annoying is it when you are doing what you feel is your very best to exercise right, eating clean and you still don't see the VISIBLE Lean Tone Abs in the mirror?

WARNING: Traditional abs exercises you once thought would do the trick are no longer the healthier option. It just doesn't work...Ridiculous Body Wraps And Fad Juicing Diets are empty promises and money down the drain.

Did you know the traditional "Sit-up" is making your waistline worse?

It's true! I see it all the time and quite honestly it makes me cringe when I see the same gal "Tammy" walk into the wellness facility where my studio is located, doing the same movement every day of the week and then complains she has a Square, Boxy, Bulky Midsection.

She's in great shape but complains her tummy not being tight and flat. In fact, in regular clothes her stomach doesn't look lean instead it's protruding and bulky.

All the countless hours of doing hundreds of sit-ups makes it worse. The same forward motion strains your neck and shoulders. Later giving you a stiff neck and a throbbing headache.

Then the BAD News....

A week..two weeks go by and you still see NO difference in your tummy, you've thrown yourself on the floor and knocked out dozens of sit-ups just to feel disappointed when you don't SEE visible definition in the mirror the next day...

Once you've hit 35 your lower belly seems to get fuller and wider. Despite all your promising efforts to make it go away only gets worse.

Hormones and a slower metabolism don't function the same as it was did in your twenties and the once flat belly has turned into mush and rolls hanging over your pants.

Hormones Out of Control and Cortisol

I'm sure you've heard of it, the hormone that creates chaos and havoc in your body. You know...the belly fat (mommy pouch) that loves to hang around. It may go away for a while then it makes it's return with a vengeance.

Plus, the "female hormones" we deal with on a daily basis, irregular estrogen levels, menopause, leptin levels, the list goes on.

Is this for Real? Does cortisol really exist?"

Oh yes it does! There was a time where I was working long hours, not getting the proper nutrients and specific workout routine that along came this little old hormone cortisol comes into my life.

Then It Gets WORSE....

Ever heard of the saying, "More is Better" not really in this case. When you exercise too long using ineffective workout it has the reverse affect.

All those unproductive wasted hours you put into exercising to flatten your stomach only makes it worse and cortisol is released into your system. This is what you can expect with this hormone....

The misguided belief of 30-minute cardio sessions along with 30-minute weight training is the recipe for success is just opposite. It's a recipe for disaster for your waistline.

How They're Keeping The Most Effective Tummy Tightening Techniques A Secret…

You don't need to...

Top Secret

It breaks my heart when I see and hear woman at the store or walking into my studio for the first time and talk badly about themselves because they don't have abs like "those" girls in the gym or fitness magazine or on social media.

Once You Discover These Well-Guided Secrets To A Lean, Fit, Tummy You'll Have The Answers You've Been Looking For And The Slim Tight Midsection You've Wanted And NEVER Feel Embarrassed About Your Belly Again!

The best part about this NEW Doctor Approved Lean Defining Abs System is it's simple, yet sophisticated. It's QUALITY vs. Quantity. You can do ANYTIME..ANYWHERE at ANY age. Even if...

As you'll see below, all you need is your own bodyweight and you'll visibly SEE a Svelte, Sexy Waistline. By integrating the correct body positioning for maximal effort your midsection will drastically change.

And...if you miss having tons of energy, you are going to LOVE this...Not only will you see celebrity looking tight abs you'll Effortlessly have the Energy to keep up with daily activities.

So, if you think you won't ever see Slim, Lean Muscle Definition in your Tummy ever again -- Think Again! It's important you read every word in this Doctor approved article below, you will surprise yourself as to the simplicity of it...

Look, I'll be frank...You won't find this NEW Fit Tummy Tightening method anywhere out there. I haven't made it available until TODAY, on this page you're reading.

The Unfortunate Truth...You've been Lied to Enough...And It'll Keep Happening…Until Now!

"Corset Effect"

So, you've tried dozens of traditional so-called "ab" exercises to help in tightening up the waistline and achieve a lean sleek physique.

But instead, you notice your midsection starts looking like a square box. No curves or svelte physique just a square peg.

The more you add weight in the attempt of cinching your waistline the bigger it actually becomes.

PLUS...when you do the same movement day in and day out your tummy ultimately looks the same. Your abdominal muscles will stop firing and rather than tighten your stomach the opposite effect takes hold.

While most information says that you need to add weights, plus an obnoxious amount of repetitions to reveal a sleek slim tummy. Studies reveal that specific bodyweight exercises actually gives you a lean, long torso with fit looking tummy.

In fact, shorter, more effective ab targeted sophisticated bodyweight exercises are proven to burn just the right amount of calories and fat to reveal the sexy fit tummy you deserve.

Below you'll see how this unique style of tummy tightening exercises in particular can help make your midsection visibly look tighter and slimmer by this time next week.

"Directional Effect"

Crunches and sit-ups all focus on anterior action, in other words forward motion. This action never targets the lower belly pouch, muffin top or love handles, which is the hardest to get rid of.

Long ineffective workouts that are repetitive in the same direction have the reverse effect in cinching in the waistline. When you fail to introduce multi-directional movements all you end up with is a boxy, bulky midsection. Now that's certainly not attractive!

When you exercise for a long period of time without changing directions your body begins to produce a chemical called cortisol, this hormone actually does the opposite in terms of burning belly fat and increasing the rate of your metabolism.

Cortisol levels begin to rise as your exercise time increases causing your body to store belly fat rather than melt it away.

With multi-directional movements you stay within the target time of burning fat around your belly and stay in the optimal fat-burning zone well after your workout is over.

"Fit Tummy Fix"

Don't eat...just workout harder? How many times have you heard that before?

The lies that say all you have to do is take a pill...or drink a magical potion...Or lather your body in some goopy lotion or a body wrap...And "the ugly muffin top will miraculously melt away....

If you've felt your belly fat is just out of control and just hangs over your jeans it's more of a reason to just quit and not try.

Most workouts today's only focus on how many sit-ups and how fast they can be done. Sure you may be extremely sore the following day but will you really SEE all your efforts?

With traditional exercising and changes in size of the muscle, the elasticity is lost and skin starts to sag. Ever notice the skin around your tummy and lower back?

Only these special types of exercises can banish the jiggly belly while finally SEEING long lean muscle definition in your abs.

"The LL Effect"

Let's face it, who wants a wide bulky unattractive tummy? I've never heard anyone say "Oh that's the look I want, bulky and wide".

In fact, I hear just the opposite. The search and desire for a lean, long, sexy tummy is the most coveted look.

Before you go thinking, "OH No..I read somewhere that you can't get wide and bulky when doing crunches and sit-ups!"

Um...YES you Can! I've seen it and personally experienced it!

Yet, I see the same old ab routines being prescribed to ideally tighten the waistline and flatten the tummy, but after hearing and seeing the frustration of my clients I knew they were doing it all wrong.

Targeting the tummy in a precise methodical way by following a proven DONE-FOR-YOU system in which the deep internal (mostly forgotten about) abdominal muscles are firing all at once gives you the lean, long defined abs you've longed for.

Why You Haven't Achieved The Tight Firm Tummy You Deserve?

I can assure you, no matter what your current stat of health, weight or lifestyle there is a simple straightforward answer that you may not be aware of.

And it's why you're not seeing the results from all the other ab programs you've tried...

You've just been misguided and lied to, time and time again. Plus you haven't been given a Doctor Approved DONE-FOR-YOU proven and tested method until now.

A system designed to cinch and tighten your waistline and melt fat off your midsection for good.

Unique and short bodyweight exercises designed to keep your tummy tight, your metabolism working on overdrive and your energy skyrocketing.


Create the Long, Lean, Slim Tummy You Deserve With Moves You Can Do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in ONLY A Few Minutes A Day When You're Pressed For Time.

You deserve to have a lean, tight stomach, no matter your age or hectic schedule.

Tighten Your Tummy Effectively

How many times have you had to schedule a massage or visit a chiropractor and/or physical therapist because of a stiff neck or shoulders?

When I've talked to my chiropractor and physical therapy friends and asked for their expert advice for a remedy. Their number one prescription is to tighten their core and improve strength.

Firm and Cinch Your Waistline With Noticeable Changes You Can See and Feel In Just Days

Say goodbye to a bulky, wide midsection. With the NEW Ab System you'll feel and see your pants getting loser and your waistline shrink.

What Is This Firm Tummy Method That's Helping Hundreds of Women Banish The Bell Bulge And SEE A Tighter Defined Tummy?

Introducing the...FIT Pilates Abs System

"FIT Pilates Abs" The Answer For Frustrated Women Who Have Struggled With A Jiggly Belly And Are Fed Up With Long Boring Workouts With NO Results!

Why is the FIT Pilates Abs system the secret to unlocking your "FIT code" where you lose the stubborn belly fat, firm and tighten your midsection? as little as 3 days of using this brand NEW system you can expect to see your belly flab diminish and flatten out into the sexy toned stomach you desire.

The system is simple in itself, using these 3 components to reactivate your "FIT code" and rid yourself of the hormonal belly flab once and for all.

When you've punished your body long enough where you've ruined your joints, thrown out your back and ruined your metabolism from crash dieting from traditional workout programs you know something is just not right.

Yet, you can take control of your changing body NOW!

The beauty of this method is you can get fast lasting results with no gym, no cardio, no starvation diets in shockingly short exercise times.

ANYWHERE...ANYTIME...ANY AGE...It doesn't matter where you're at You Can...

How I Stumbled Upon This NEW Innovative Tummy Tightening Breakthrough

Hi, I'm Sylvia Favela, and I've spent the last 17 years working with hundreds of REAL women just like you and researching the reasons as to to why today's most trendy cutting edge ab workouts don't seem to last long-term especially once you've hit 35.

Working with the top must influential experts in the anti-aging industry, female fitness experts and dietitians seeking the most up to date knowledge in what really works for real women.

I've come to realize they aren't using the necessary components to unlocking their true belly fat busting code.

Most women feel that after they've had kids and hit their later 30's there's no chance of ever having a firm sexy belly. That's completely absurd.

And still... it's the women over 35 I see struggling everyday working harder to see a change and they wind up disappointed with zero results.

Having worked with women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and even 60's I've learned how different techniques are necessary to challenge your body as it starts to change and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

I practice what I preach, I've struggled for years after having my son to lean and define my abs and get rid of cellulite around my belly.

It's no wonder I have a waiting list of women who don't mind traveling to my studio and paying top dollar to consult with me.

Through trial and error I've personally used this NEW Innovative Tummy Tightening system that literally transformed my tummy in a matter of days.

How An "Embarrassing Dare" Changed It All...

Once upon a time I was a chunky girl with a pear shaped body, wide hips and long, gangly arms and legs. You would think I was eating a dozen cupcakes a day. In short I was skinny and fat at the same time.

I was so desperate to firm and tighten my body especially my tummy and at the same time lose the weight.

I starved myself on fad dieting, and the crazy lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet.

By the age of 30, I had a flabby muffin top, my knees were shot I suffered from chronic back pain and a bad shoulder injury from an accident I shouldn't have walked away from.

All that time doing the wrong exercises screwed up my metabolism, completely destroyed my joints and squished the healthy discs in my lower spine...which compressed the nerves and made life really difficult.

...And then it happened.

I dabbled in a specific exercise that only required my bodyweight no fancy gym equipment or long boring cardio sessions

After only a few short sessions the pain started to get a lot better...Yet, the really shocking thing happened: My Tummy started to a GOOD way.

With this "new" form of tummy completely flattened out into the tight, toned stomach I had been wanting all these years.


Once I turned 40 I was put to the test! I embarked on a fitness journey with a few friends, to get in the greatest shape as possible.

Now this would've been no big deal but I was the only 40 year old in the group.

In fact, I never thought I had the genetics to do a bikini contest at the age of 40 because I was born with the "fat gene". With bad genetics I never thought it was possible to SEE Lean Tight Abs in the mirror.

My metabolism and hormones didn't function the way 20 or 30's years old did anymore. They were able to workout for hours and shed weight.

They didn't have the ugly belly cellulite you get from having kids. I had to find a new method to cinch my waistline and still keep my energy up.

I used a unique approach to firm my midsection to visibly SEE my Abs.

Not only did I develop this system out of an embarrassing dare, I wanted to share my findings with regular folks just like you and I where we could enjoy these amazing health and weight loss benefits without having to starve on ridiculous fad diets or waste time on long boring workouts.

Whether you want to step on stage, look bikini comp ready, or want to feel comfortable in your own skin…This system has been proven to give you VISIBLE Lean Fit Bikini ready Abs!

Yet, I also know that I can send you a box full of research that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will work for you...and you'd still not be convinced.

Well my friend, the proof is in the pictures...

When I stumbled upon this system and applied it, I finally had a Tight Firm Stomach and Saw VISIBLE abs, there was Actual Lean Muscle Definition in my abs.

But It Wasn't Until My Closest Friend And Doctor...

Dr. Jill Intarachote, shared her medical expertise with me, which ultimately lead to create and make available this brand NEW Fit Pilates Abs system with you today.

As an Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Jippy (as I call her for short) has worked with chronic patients in rehabilitation after invasive knee, back, hip surgery. She's helped hundreds of patients to get moving and exercising. Plus, working with top athletes has given her the full understanding of the body mechanics when loaded with taxing workouts.

As a highly sought out Doctor with a HUGE waiting list of private clients, you'd be lucky to get in to see her for months. Luckily we find the time to collaborate and I get the best most innovative ideas and movements that actually work.

In our conversations Dr. Jippy's biggest concern with her patients is the lack of abdominal strength and back posture which leads to protruding bellys. They all suffer from severe back pain and have tried dozens of so called "ab solutions" to getting a tight, strong core.

In addition to her list of patients, she's worked with dozens of fitness models and athletes to help keep their body healthy and they subject themselves through long grueling workouts. She couldn't help but to notice how frustrated they are when their midsection wasn't changing.

With every ab workout they've tried, these athletes and models were struggling with bulky midsections and a metabolism that was slowing down because of their long workouts.

So, when I got to talking about the results some of my personal Pilates clients were getting from my special programming she talked me into creating this brand NEW Abs program.

The best part was when she collaborated with me and added her medical expertiseto my special programming of the FIT Pilates Ab program.

Dr. Jippy believed and knew this program is much needed for all levels...from those with chronic pain, to people who have never exercised in their life to advanced athletes. She went as far to say "People need a program they can do at home they'll strengthen their abs while tightening their tummy, it'll alleviate much of today's chronic pain".

Now, before you go thinking, "Yeah right, you're just saying this doctor is a good friend, you're just using her name". There are tons of programs out there that claim to be doctor approved, much of those programs are given the okay to use their name.

Well, not in this case. You can see Dr. Jippy and I are close friends and hang out every week. Even though she's in such HIGH Demand, we find time to workout together and have our Thursday night sushi!

What better way to create a brand new program than with a close friend who happens to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is driven to helping people feel better and move better just like I do?

My "FIT Pilates Abs" The Only Tummy Tightening System For Women That Shrinks Your Waistline In Just 21 Days!

Fit Pilates Abs

I'm excited to share with you the brand NEW Ab Defining program for women.

Along with Dr. Jippy's medical guidance, I've taken my experience, all of my hands-on time working directly with women to transform their bodies, health and lives and ultimately created....

The complete 21-Day FIT Pilates Abs system, which contains a series of follow along workout videos for women who haven't been able to tighten their tummy no matter what you've tried in the past....

That FIT Pilates Abs™ Works

Remember, the entire reason I developed the FIT Pilates Abs System™ was so that regular folks just like you and me could enjoy a Lean, Tight and Firm Tummy without starving yourself or wasting time with ineffective workouts.

Research and theory are one thing… what really matters is that it really works in the real world, with real people.

Here is me BEFORE FIT Pilates Abs™… and after…

When I stumbled upon the FIT Pilates Abs System™ and applied it, I lost 4 inches off my waistline and tightened my tummy.

I feel better now than I was in my twenties. Today, I have long, lean, sculpted abs.

I share that with you so you know that I really do practice what I preach.

However, it's important for you to know that...

It Doesn't Matter What You Weigh or How Your Health Is
or How Old You Are...See For Yourself...

"I lost 5 1/2 inches off my Waistline and lost 16 Pounds!"

"Thank you Sylvia for your program that's helped me to stay on track, lose 16 pounds and shrink my waistline. I've been able to lose 5 1/2" inches off my waistline. The FIT Pilates Abs System has tightened my tummy for good!"

Brigette Vargas

"I feel confident in my bikini"

"Being in my mid 40's I never thought I'd have defined looking abs. My stomach was squishy and everything I tried int he past wouldn't work. Until now! With the FIT Pilates Abs System I can now SEE visible lean abs. I've been able to maintain a tight tummy with the short workouts in the program. I'm hooked!"

Jill Grainer

"My Tummy is Firm"

"I've been athletic most of my life. I stay very active with aggressive workouts but my abs were looking boxy and bulky. I wanted a firm stomach without looking like a boy but being in my forties I didn't think I could change the look of my abs. That is until I tried Sylvia's FIT Pilates Abs program. In a matter of days I noticed my abs were looking long and lean with lean muscle definition. I've finally found an abs program that I can do anytime and takes only a few minutes to do. I highly recommend this abs system to everyone!!"

Jodi Johnston

"Now I can fit into my smaller clothes."

"I'm so grateful for YOU and what you're teaching me along this current journey. I'm loving the results from the FIT Pilates Abs System™!! I lost 8 pounds and 4 inches off my waistline which is a big thing for me. I can now fit back into my smaller summer clothes, I feel fit and healthy. Thank you, my friend."

Jill Ward

Here's What You Can Expect With
The Tummy Tightening System™

The 21 Day Plan

The FIT Pilates Abs System™
21 Day Plan

Everyone needs a place to begin and this phase is it. You'll start with a series of foundation bodyweight ab exercises that progresses you into the sculpting phase of the system that will:

Let's face it...when you're in a bikini what's the first thing you see? That's right...your stomach.

If it's been years since you've had a "tight tummy", then you will LOVE this system.

Your own body provides the perfect amount of resistance to create the flat sexy stomach you've always dreamed of.

Fun and Effective bodyweight exercises you can do wherever, whenever by whomever.

Phase 2

The FIT Pilates Abs System™
Timeless Beauty Plan

The wonderful thing about the FIT Pilates Abs System™ is that you will never be able to out grow it.

You see, with many fitness programs, after you do them for more than a month or two your body adjusts and you no longer get the results you did when you started.

However, with The FIT Pilates Abs System™ this simply is not the case.

As your body adjusts to the new strength, flexibility and power that you create as you go through the program, you are able to easily modify the exercises. This will keep your body guessing and practically guarantees that you continually see results.

To assist you as you transition to a healthier, more energetic YOU, your program comes with a 21-day calendar and workout sheets for you to keep track of your progress. The calendar and workout sheets takes you from novice to more advanced workouts that will last a lifetime.

Phase 3

FIT Pilates Abs System™
Tummy Sculpting

There is nothing we women love more than the feeling of a tight, toned tummy.

Until now...

Tummy Sculpting provides you with the final phase of the FIT Pilates Abs System

These exercises are designed to challenge your efforts. The workouts have been specifically designed to gently melt away the stubborn lumpy, belly cellulite that just doesn't seem to want to go away.

The fat pockets and dimples that sit on your belly are easily erased with the Tummy Sculpting.

It's the exact routine I follow to maintain a Lean, Tight, Slim Waistline All Year Long.

I'm Going To Make This An Even Better "DEAL"
And Give You Some FREE Gifts...

Listen…helping you to achieve the fit toned midsection and the body you've always dreamed of is not enough.

I want to absolutely ensure that you have a complete and total system for radically radiant health and vitality.

That's why…

…When You Take Action Today – You'll Also Get These Limited Time Bonuses…

Your EXCLUSIVE Bonuses Today, Absolutely FREE

21 Day Fit Abs Nutrition Plan

21-Day FIT Abs Nutrition Plan

"Flatten Your Belly…Tone Your Body With This Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan."

Inside the 21-Day FIT Abs nutrition system are healthy recipes with different options to choose from for the perfect clean meal that your body craves to BOOST your metabolism while maintaining a healthy fat burning machine.

When you combine the Simple, Easy-To-Follow meal plan along with your FIT Pilates Abs system you will start to SEE visible definition in your tummy.

21 Day Supplement Fix Guide

21-Day Supplement Fix Guide

"Melt Away Cellulite Around Your Belly

I've uncovered the most effective simple supplements to add to your daily regimen, which will give you the proper nutrients, and recovery your body needs for optimal performance, health and results with the FIT Pilates Abs program.

Sometimes the foods we eat aren't enough to satisfy the nutritional value needed for a well-balanced body.

By adding the proper, natural supplements you'll help your body become stronger and happier.

You'll be shocked when you see the best Tummy Tightening secret supplements I recommend to my private clients who've had amazing results.

The beauty of the 21-Day FIT Abs nutrition plan and Supplement guide is the step-by-step detailed blueprint to compliment your FIT Pilates Abs workout routine.

This Tummy Tightening System Isn't For Everyone…

As I mentioned, this system is not designed to be easy. The series of core exercises are going to push you and physically challenge you in a way you haven't felt before. You will feel muscles in your abs you never knew you had.

So, if you're looking for a program that you can just fumble around with and not challenge yourself then this isn't for you.

It's ONLY for those who dare to stop dreaming and are ready to take action today…

On the other hand, if you're up for the challenge and want to Take Control of your changing body and want to tighten your physique and improve your physical performance and firm your belly while having a positive effect on your day-to-day activities...

Then I've put together this carefully designed Fit Abs solution just for you...

Since You've Been A Loyal Reader I Want Share This Brand NEW Never Seen Before program Until NOW At A HUGE Discount...

ONLY $15


Why It's Only $15

You would think to get these insider secrets to a Sexy Toned Tummy would cost quite a fortune.

And you'd be right...You would experience the same results of the hundreds of women whom I've helped with these short effective, simple and proven system to getting Visible Lean Tight Abs

Now if you were to come to Southern California to train with me in my private studio, that's assuming I have spots available, it would cost upwards of $250 an hour for us to sit down for a consultation.

And that's if you are fully prepared the first day of our consultation, if not we would have to meet again and it starts to add up.

BUT...Since you've been a loyal reader I want to hook you up before it's released to the public!

That's the sexiest part of all with the technology of the Internet. You get instant access to the brand NEW FIT Pilates Abs system no matter where you are in the world.

Now you can get started right away!


I want you to experience everything you've always dreamed of with your body, health and fitness…

I did all the hard work so you don't have to! You don't have time for that! I gathered my experience over a decade of private training sessions, tons of interviews and mentoring from the top fitness experts in the world.

And to make sure you feel 100% comfortable to take the next step towards your dream body , you are fully protected by my Triple, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Order FIT Pilates Abs today and give it a try for 60 days. If you don't experience the slimming, slenderizing, rejuvenating, fat-burning results you expect...just let me know and you'll receive every penny back.

Only A Limited Amount Will Be Sold At This Discounted "LOYAL READER" Price

For a limited time we are Pre-Selling copies of the entire program...For This Week ONLY at A HUGE Sale Discount....

I want to give you all the Insider Secrets for only a fraction of the cost.

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Now, I can only release a few hundred copies at this Discounted Special "Loyal Reader" sale price. So make sure to grab your copy before the discount is gone.


Listen…helping you to achieve the body you've always dreamed of is not enough.

I want to absolutely ensure that you had a complete and total system for radically radiant health and vitality.

You Owe This To Yourself...A Complete FIT Pilates Abs System Where You Can Finally Get Visible Lean Defined Abs!

Let Me Ask You This...

Now is the time to take action and get the system that you can take everywhere you go.

A series you can do in the privacy of your own home and that's readily available at a moments notice!

Just image how you'd feel 10, 20, 30 days from now...

Take Action Today...Your Discounted "Loyal Reader" Sale Price $15

In Summary...

Fit Pilates Abs

First, let's review everything that you get inside your FIT Pilates Abs™ system when you get your copy today….


Instant Download - No Waiting!

Sylvia Favela

To Your New Slender Body!

Sylvia Favela

Creator of The FIT Pilates Abs System™

P.S. Remember, your success is totally guaranteed!. If after 60 days you don't feel leaner and your waistline tighten up then let us know and we will refund your order.

P.P.S. Where will you be 1 week from now, even 12 months from now? You can be closer to your FIT Pilates Abs within minutes. Starting Now!

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"I've Lost 50 Pounds!"

"I've lost 50 Pounds! I started to change my life around in the way I eat and exercise. I started to lose weight but then just couldn't lose any more.

Once I started Sylvia's program I noticed a difference just after a few days and have since made even more progress. I now have visible lean ab definition and feel stronger. Her program has made the biggest impact on the way I look and feel today, I'm finally off my blood pressure and cholesterol medication."

Kim Miller

"I lost 4 inches off my Waistline and lost 20 Pounds!"

"I lost 20 pounds, dropped 2 pant sizes and I finally got the lean toned Abs and Fit body I always wanted. I cannot thank Sylvia enough for the FIT Pilates Abs System and showing me how to target my deep core muscles. I finally got the lean tight tummy I never thought was possible."

Lisa Liles

"I can do them anywhere"

"I really like the workouts because I can do them anywhere and they are usually only a littler over 20 minutes. I can make a point to fit this in my schedule in the morning and I love the fact that I don't have to think about what exercises or workout I just download that day and do it."

Michele Davis

"My Gut and Core Shrink and Tighten"

I am impressed!

After just 3 times in 10 days of "learning" the exercises in your program, I am already feeling my gut and core shrink and tighten! I'm very active and in basically great shape, yet I can't wait to get more of your workouts."

Andrew Petriwsky

"10 days I have lost 4 pounds"

"I have been using the FIT Pilates Abs™ System for 10 days now. Prior to that, I used to exercise regularly. I used to do the Treadmill religiously for 30-40 minutes everyday except Sunday, for about 8 months. While I saw a reduction in weight in the first 2 months, and some increased strength and energy, I had definitely hit a plateau, and only continued the treadmill because it was where I read my magazines – on iPad, so it became a part of my routine.

On the 2nd day of using The FIT Pilates Abs System™ however, I started feeling muscular exhaustion in areas of me that I had never felt before. Most of the moves were difficult for me to achieve, and I followed the directions quite clearly – obviously I was only using the modified (less difficult) version of the moves, but within 4 days, I could clearly feel that I was definitely using parts of my core, sides in ways I had never done before.

In the past 10 days I have lost 4 pounds, and I also feel more flexible than before! I have also started attempting the poses the way they are meant to be done – i.e. without the beginner type modifications! I look forward to the improvements that continuous practice is bound to bring."

Aish Krishnan

"Core class on steroids"

"I have it. Thank you. After reviewing the "manual" I see that it is what I was looking for. Your daily workouts are clearly circuit training. I have been involved in core classes at my gym. There I have been doing some of the same routines that you offer. I have achieved some wonderful results. What you just offered me is a core class on steroids. I realize this was from week 5. I'll be getting into this from the beginning. I can only imagine the results I can achieve by week 5 by doing this circuit 4 days a week. My class is one hour x three days a week. You are taking it to the next level."

Larry Page

"I'm loving the workouts…short and very sweet"

"I'm loving the workouts, the fact that they are short and very sweet means I always have time to do them, also motivates me to do them when I'm feeling a bit on the tired side. They make me feel so much more energized, I also feel as if I'm looking after, taking care of and cherishing my body instead of punishing it. Slow and intense can be as good if not better than fast and furious.

To sum up after my workouts I feel I've worked hard, energized and calm."

Mrs Karen McHenry.

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Click The "Buy Now" Button To Receive Your
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Click The "Buy Now" Button To Receive Your
"LOYAL READER" Pre-Sale Price Of Just $15...


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